What could you accomplish if you got out of your own way?

As a mental strength coach, my goal is to help athletes develop mental skills to deal with any situation in their sport - to perform better.  The elements of peak performance (e.g. focus, awareness, mental toughness) can be improved through practice, but mental training is often neglected. Using neuroscience-based techniques, we will develop a personalized mental training strategy to elevate your performance and find enjoyment along the way.

Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory
— Bill Russell

How can we work together?

Mental conditioning requires the same level of commitment, discipline, and consistency as physical conditioning. Through our work together, you will be equipped with the necessary tools to be a more consistent athlete - in training and in competition.

Individual coaching

ACTION  1 one-hour session.


1 one-hour session.

TRANSFORMATION  6 one-hour sessions.


6 one-hour sessions.

IMMERSION  12 one-hour sessions.


12 one-hour sessions.

Keep in mind:

  • All options include a 20-minute Discovery call for me to understand your goals and for you to learn how I can help you achieve them.
  • All sessions can be done in person, via phone, or via Skype.


team workshops

For information about mental strength coaching for your team, please click on the contact link below.