Align + Allow: An intention for 2019

What if 2019 can be an experiment in flowing more and forcing less? And what if the practice of flow could allow you to access deeper fulfillment, and maybe even open you up to more enriching opportunities?

The beginning of the year is always centered on resolutions. There’s a surge of energy and a resolve to be dramatically different and make monumental changes. The intention is good, but we all know that the momentum screeches to a halt by February 1.

There’s absolutely tremendous value in committing to change, but perhaps smaller shifts are more sustainable. And what if those shifts were accompanied by an equally powerful force of alignment and surrender.

What does it mean to be aligned? From a metaphysical perspective, alignment is about connecting with the flow of energy that’s always around us. Or, more simply put, alignment is about pursuing that which lights you up (and, I’d argue, whatever it is that lights you up is actually your true purpose).

Aligning and going with the flow is not about being lazy. Quite the opposite. It’s about paying attention to the work that flows, and getting lost in the process. One way to achieve this is to use every moment as an opportunity to connect fully with your work. Let go of the results and give 100% of your attention to the present. Work when you feel in flow, switch tasks when you come up against resistance.

The second part of this practice is to allow. Allow opportunities to present themselves, and then act upon those which feel right - aligned with your values and desires.

It’s rather simple. And yet, we so often try to swim upstream. There’s no fault in that, but it may not always serve us.

So in this new year, focus on the exhale, surrender more fully, and give yourself permission to align with that which feels easy.